Daily Tour 3-19 days Availability: 2019-12-03
Nova Gorica, Slovenia Slovenia

Have you ever thought about going to a small, peaceful town, where you would both rest and enjoy some leisure provided to you by luxurious hotel? Now you have a chance to experience a trip you haven’t probably even imagined. Poker Casino Travel is delighted to invite you to a small Slovenian town, Nova Gorica, where perfect living atmosphere and delightful weather conditions mix up with great fun in local casino.

If that sounds good, take your chance and book a trip to Slovenian-Italian border full of beautiful landscapes and wonderful nights. Spend your days on recreation and live your life during night, when everyone wakes up to head to the casino. Nova Gorica is a perfect place for everyone who enjoys nice atmosphere, wonderful landscapes and poker! Don’t wait, book your trip now!

The offer is both time-bound and quantity limited.

The offer is only available for players of below given citizenship:




  • Free accommodation in prestigious hotel
  • High class welcome offer in casino
  • Loyalty Card entitling you to bonuses such as free lunch in buffet and free SPA
  • 24/7 representative care
  • Travel services and concierge


Guest’s price for some hotels may be bigger than shown above. Every offer is to be constructed individually.

  • Every Guest is required to leave a deposit according to vacation length
  • Poker Casino Travel offers only double rooms
  • Deposit is given back to every Guest after meeting the free accommodation conditions given below
  • To get a free accommodation every Guest needs to play Main Event OR min. 6 hours at poker cash game tables each day between 6:00PM-6:00PM.
  • If a Guest comes to the event only by himself, he has a right to either pay extra for having a double room just for himself OR to share a room with other Guest
  • A deposit is given back with the same method it has been paid earlier or in cash during the last day of Guest’s stay
  • A method of leaving a deposit is to be fixed individually
  • The offer applies only to citizens of Poland, Slovakia and Lithuania.

  • You should fill in the blank visible on the right
  • Poker Casino Travel contacts you by phone
  • Poker Casino Travel agrees with you a stay period and deposit method
  • After making a deposit and sending a confirmation you receive a reservation confirmation
  • Poker Casino Travel and the Guest fix the reimbursement methods

If you have your own car and you feel comfortable with coming with it to Slovenia, it could be probably the best way to reach Nova Gorica. The town is not connected with other countries’ capitals, not saying a word about other big cities abroad. The only think you have to remember is to pay a toll (vignette), which is about 15 EUR a week.


If you don’t fancy coming with your own car, there are 4 airports close to the town that could operate you while coming to our festival. The airports are Trieste, Treviso, Venice and Ljubljana. Poker Casino Travel would be delighted to help with both organising a plane as well as organising a shuttle to your hotel to Nova Gorica. However, the transport from airport is extra paid, so it is recommended to travel in groups. Poker Casino Travel is also able to provide you information if there is any other person coming to Nova Gorica on the same day on demand. It could make the travel easier for you.


Casino Perla, the main landmark of the whole Nova Gorica, is by far one of the most prestigious and remarkable casinos in Europe. It is an absolutely top tier entertainment centre, where you can both have fun and schedule an official meeting.

Perla surely offers every kind of game you have ever seen. There are lots of slot machines, live gaming tables, tournaments, cash games, bingo and many, many more. It is a perfect place to simply enjoy your time. By playing any of the offered games you are entitled to use your Loyalty Points that are being gathered on your Member Card. Once you gather some points, you can exchange it at manager desk. You can get such bonuses as lunch in casino buffet, delicious dinner in top tier hotel restaurant or even get some leisure in hotel SPA. For the most loyal clients, casino offers discounts in Perla Hotel, just one level above the casino.

During Italian Poker Sport lots of players are going to come to Nova Gorica. Big percent of them are going to play cash game, for sure. However, everyone aims to get a big prize. Casino guarantees 300.000 EUR as a prize pool in the Main Event, which means, that at least one player is going to get back home very rich. Why don’t you try your luck? Book the package now!