Have you tried the regular poker events? Did you like them? Well, we have one hell of a treat for you! As a seasoned travelling poker thrill seeker, you will definitely love our poker special events. Poker Casino Travel offers the unique chance to experience special poker events such as The Battle of Malta, with a whooping 1 000 000 Euros in guaranteed prize pool.

This all sounds great and all, but you know what is even better than going to a 1 million Euro event? Not paying for your hotel. That is exactly right, you can go to a poker special event and get a free hotel stay. All you need to do is play cash games. It’s that simple and easy. It works exactly like it does with our regular events, you pick the special poker event, choose your hotel and book it. And then we’re all done. Well, not exactly done, you need to pack your bags and get there! Our website, and the people behind it, do a marvellous job of guiding you through the various modes of transportation you can take to get you to the special event and your free hotel, just read carefully. Don’t forget your friends, without them no one will believe that you booked a spot at a poker special event, with a free hotel all by yourself!


While the poker special offers provide an unforgettable games of poker, you might also want to save some time for yourself. You ought to refresh your mind after a brawl at the poker table. This is partially the reason why these events are held in such beautiful places like St Julien or Prague. Being in these exciting places with your friends can only be topped by one thing, placing high in a special event and having them there to witness. So don’t hesitate, book as soon as you can so that you don’t miss out on that kind of chance!

If you want more, and after attending one poker special event you surely will, be on the lookout for new events, both regular and special being added to our site on regular basis.