How to travel for with poker? We’ll let you in on a secret, it’s all very simple and easy. Very, very easy even. First of all, go to, the go to service for travelling with poker, and look trough the events. See anything that you like? Go ahead, click on it! You picked an event, great job. Now, onto the hotels, we have a treat for you here. You can stay at these premium hotels for free! How? Just play cash games at the casino for long enough and you’ll not be charged a penny for your stay! Ok, now decide with how many people you’ll go and for how long, take your time. All that remains for you to do is click “book”, and then we’re all done. Well, not exactly done, you need to pack your bags and get there! Our website, and the people behind it, do a marvellous job of guiding you through the various modes of transportation you can take to get you to your free hotel, just read carefully. Don’t forget your friends, without them no one will believe that you booked a poker trip, with a free hotel all by yourself!


When you arrive, we highly recommend thoroughly enjoying every bit of your trip, the hotel, the venue, the poker games and all that the city surrounding them offer. Who know when the next chance for such a wonderful poker vacation will come up? We do, it’s all the time, you don’t need to wait as there are numerous events happening throughout Europe that we can book you for. The procedure is the same every time, pick, book, pack, go and enjoy! That’s how you travel with poker, like we promised simple and easy, every time.

For any and all questions poker travel, feel free to inquire with our staff via email, phone or social media.