Travelling while playing poker is by all accounts fun, thrilling and potentially a life changing experience. But there is a way to play poker travelling for free. Hello and welcome to Poker Casino Travel, your go to destination for playing poker in exotic locations in a care-free way! Our website is a one stop shop for any poker enthusiast out there, keen on free travel and accommodation around Europe and attend cash game festivals and tournaments at premier casinos.

Worried about booking hotels, trip or securing a spot at the table? Worry not! The main goal we have, is to provide our guests with the chance to experience free travel while playing poker. We offer a selection of carefully crafted travel packages, all with options of free accommodation after fulfilling requirements, to cater to any preferences a player can have. At any given time, there is a number of destinations to go to, which in turn offer a variety of different games and stakes.



For the convenience of all poker travellers, Poker Casino Travel offers a vast portfolio of locations put all the power into the hands of the guest. Pick a country, pick a city, pick a hotel! Leave the rest to us, and yourself focus on packing your bags. Poker travel guests get the benefit of various discounts during their trips. All players are accommodated in premium hotels such as the Perla, Entourage, Park, Friday Hotel, Corinthia Hotel and many more. All accommodation is free of any charge, provided a guest fulfils the quota of hours at the cash game tables. This, essentially allows players to travel for free with poker while enjoying premier service quality at picturesque locations.

On top of that, Poker Casino Travel offers additional perks of travelling free with poker. Some of them being, complementary food and drink at the hotel and casino, 24/7 casino buffet service, 24/7 representative care, travel service and concierge, high class welcome offers in casinos, loyalty card entitling guests to bonuses such as free lunch buffet and free SPA. All this, and more free for all our poker travellers.



Travelling with poker may it be interesting experience. While you’re not busy playing poker or taking advantage of your free hotel, we encourage you to explore the surroundings! See Prague, Bratislava, Nova Gorica and St. Julians(with many more to come!). All of these cities sport the finest restaurants, theatres, museums, historic landmarks and a lush night life. For more information on each of these places, look no further than Poker Casino Travel, our team does their very best to ensure your free poker travel experience lacks nothing.

Apart from the regular events, traveling with poker also offers unique chances to participate in special events, such as The Battle of Malta, one of the most prestigious events on the European and world poker map. Another special event is the Czech Poker Championships at the Savarin Casino in Prague, Czech Republic. Inviting poker travellers to one of the prettiest cities of central Europe for an unforgettable poker brawl. All of our policies apply to these special events, giving you an opportunity to play premier events, stay at premium hotels and travel with poker for free.

Travel for free, stay at hotels for free, play poker games at premier casinos in beautiful locations. Embrace the premium poker vacation Poker Casino Travel provides and experience a whole new level of play, fun and leisure. Stay tuned to our social media platforms for all things free poker travel.

For any further questions, feels free to contact our staff via our email, phone or in site message system and we will get back to you as soon as possible.